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We ask you only for an email address during the registration process to allow us to contact you directly with any future major updates or milestones, this is a not-for-profit project that requires no revenue from advertising or otherwise. We don’t use mailing lists and have no outside affiliations connected with this project.
eg. Shortly we will be releasing an App for mobile phones, people who have registered will receive the link to try this before it goes fully public to allow them to give direct feedback as to how useful it is. This App is to allow people to calculate what tax they’d pay under an AGR system. No personal data is required, stored or processed.
By registering you are only demonstrating a further interest in what AGR is all about, we have no need to know specifically who, where, what, how you are, our purpose is to educate the people of Scotland that there may be other ways of funding a prosperous country, ways that can be simpler and beneficial to all of society…

You are free to contact us at any time to request that we remove your email address from any and all of our systems.