Annual Ground Rent - a fairer way for an independant Scotland

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Too wee, too poor, too rich? Scotland is wealthy enough to pay its own way and Annual Ground Rent can make it happen.

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Before we tell you what Annual Ground Rent (AGR) is, let us first tell you what it is not; it is not an additional taxation to add to the already bursting system. AGR is a solution that totally replaces the existing taxation system with one single ground rent based solely on land ownership. If you own land, a house, or buildings you pay ground rent. That is it.

It’s simpler, easier to manage and can encourage growth while ensuring public services are funded.

And it means more money in your pocket, too

AGR is calculated by dividing the land in Scotland by the desired public expenditure. By dividing this up into 4 subcategories of Rough Grazing, Woodland, Arable and Urban we can calculate your rate of AGR per square meter of land owned. Calculating the area of your owned property will tell you exactly how much you will pay in AGR.


It’s the people of Scotland who drive change, and big changes need as many people as possible to champion them. We’re building a campaign for a different Scotland, for a flourishing Scotland. So please to find out more, and to show your interest in a Scotland that is self-sufficient.

The simple answer is no! AGR would replace all taxation in Scotland – there would be no taxes such as VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Council Tax etc. If it currently exists then AGR will replace it. That’s one simple taxation system to replace countless complicated, dysfunctional systems.

Yes, AGR rates allow for increases in revenue raising beyond the current existing levels to allow for investment in Scotland. So not only will it raise enough money it will raise more money than the current taxation system does.

Both local and global business will pay zero commercial taxes, instead they incur only a predictable amount of ground rent for their premises. Businesses will see massive value in both coming to Scotland and to remain in Scotland – potentially resulting in more jobs and lower costs, with the balance benefiting the people of Scotland.

The land in Scotland is among some of the most sought after in the world. This system will encourage landowners who do not currently see value in their land to find a way of creating an economic benefit or divest to others who do see the value.

No land will go to waste with ownership promoting use. Scotland will once again be filled with individuals proud of their land and working together to improve efficiencies and quality of life.

Whats-Happening-With-AGR.pdf – Published in The National July 2020


Surface Area 90.48 billion m2 including multi level developments

£78 billion proposed annual public expenditure on Scotland

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